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Alexis Zurdo (Alexis)

Alexis moved from Seattle and is so happy to call the island of Oahu her new home.  She has been practicing yoga strongly for nine years (teaching for 6 years). 


When she was a child she was always stretching and folding into awkward poses without even knowing she was doing yoga! As she got older she became inspired with dancing which led her into a more active lifestyle.

When Alexis finally came across yoga she fell in love with how amazing, beautiful and powerful yoga was to the mind, body, heart and soul! She was finding every way to share this feeling with friends and family inviting them to join and get their own enriched feelings with their own practice.  Seeing how happy people were after their practice she took her passion to the next level and became a certified yoga instructor.

Alexis has worked with several clothing companies for community yoga events and recently traveled to Vancouver BC to help assist Eoin Finn with the grand opening of Lululemon on Robson Street.  She also was a Wanderlust Whistler Yoga Presenter (teacher) for the 2014 Whistler tour and is also a part of the Wanderlust Whistler Festival in 2015. She’s been blessed to say with yoga she’s accomplished so many goals and dreams, one major dream was to be able to teach in her favorite place Hawaii, she taught at the beautiful Kalani Resort in 2014 and is excited to be invited back for 2015!

She instructs multiple styles of yoga and she's been fortunate to work with multiple athletes to help better their performance and recover quicker. She recently worked with a few Offensive linemen from the NFL Seattle Seahawks and has worked with one of the largest, and most traditional, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu organizations in the world, Gracie Barra. 

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