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Ayaka J Shibata (Ayaka) 


With a crazy work schedule, I was slowly becoming sedentary and unmotivated. I needed a workout routine that I can look forward to, no matter how I was feeling that day. From a friend's recommendation, I was introduced to yoga and found a perfect fit. Overtime, I developed a passion for yoga and realized that it's not just a great workout but yoga improved my mental health and my life style. Over all, it made every aspect of my life healthier and am grateful to be able to share that passion with everyone. Knowing that if it wasn't introduced to me, I would've never found yoga and now, it's my time to pay it forward.


仕事が忙しく 体を動かす事が少なくなり、次第に心も元気がなくなっていた。何かをやりたい、何かをやって元気をとりもどさねば‼︎ と思っている時に、友人からヨガを紹介してもらったのが、ヨガとの出会いでした。それが私に ぴったり‼︎

ヨガに夢中になっているうちに 心もすっかり元気になっている事に気がつきました。


この経験を みんなとシェアしたい!


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