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Coco Zhang (Coco)

Coco's hometown is Shanghai, China, and she has spent almost 10 years living in Japan. She has traveled across the US and around the globe training under multiple well known Ashtanga yogis, and has also trained in the art of Thai yoga massage.


Realizing her calling in life was yoga, Coco gave up a business career in Tokyo to pursue her passion to teach. In 2008, after several years of practice, Coco completed her 200 & 300 hours of RYT Yoga Alliance training. In 2012, Coco was certified by Yoga Alliance with E-RYT500 and RYT 500. A year previous to completing her certification, in 2011, Coco began teacher training with Rusty Wells, founder of Bhakti Flow Yoga.


Coco has spent extensive time studying Ashtanga Yoga under Ken Harakuma of IYC Tokyo, Japan and Richard Freeman in Boulder, Colorado. She has also briefly trained with, and translated work, for David Keil. Coco continues her learning, practicing a daily morning regimen of Mysore-style Ashtanga Yoga training on Oahu. She is currently practicing the 3rd series of Ashtanga Yoga.


To deepen Coco's yoga experience, she has embarked on a yoga trip in Mysore, India. Through this trip, Coco determined to devote all of herself into the study and teachings of yoga.


Coco brings her dedication, passion,and friendly smile to the yoga studio; and combines it with her training fundamentals in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga to create a unique Vinyasa Power Yoga class that challenges students to build their inner core, increase flexibility, and sweat their stress away. Coco is trilingual in English, Japanese, and Mandarin.

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