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Sarah Combs (Sarah C)

Sarah recently moved to Hawaii in search of endless summer, which is well earned after growing up in Alaska and spending the last 8 years in New York City! Her journey with yoga was a fraught one, especially in the first few years where she struggled to find a teacher she connected with, and come to terms with her own lack of flexibility.   Sarah always thought there was something more to yoga than "relaxing in downward dog", which to her, felt like torture in the beginning, but had a hard time discerning what kept bringing her back to the practice. Once she fully internalized yoga as a journey that was more than just poses, she began to love the process. Sarah earned her teaching certificate through Drishti Teacher Training Program in 2014, which teaches an Ashtanga based Vinyasa flow. Sarah loves the structure of Ashtanga combined with the creativity of Vinyasa, because it allows for all levels of students to find their place in class. Sarah also teaches SUP yoga, marrying her love for yoga with nature and water. Sarah is excited to join Ohana Space Hawaii!


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