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Gentle Yoga

Great for beginners and seniors! This class moves slowly and deliberately through a gentle sequence of  postures that help you stretch, feel calm and balanced. It will begin and end with deep relaxation which will allow you to release tight areas of your body. Encourage the body, mind and spirit to remain healthy and strong!

Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics is recommended for students new to yoga or anyone wanting a slower more methodically paced class. Principles of proper alignment and foundational postures are taught in basic sequences.  Expect a gentle practice and a deeper understanding of the poses.

This class will start with pranayama (breathing technique) and meditation to get you ready for the asanas (physical postures). We will focus on the alignment of our body through the basic asanas. You will be lead through standing poses to ground down and practice balancing. We will cool down with relaxing restorative poses to close the class.

Mixed Level Flow

Yoga Flow links postures together using the breath to create a flowing, moderately paced sequence cultivating balance, flexibility, and strength. Expect a full range of postures including gentle backbends and mild inversions.  Great for students with a basic knowledge of yoga  who want to grow their practice.

Basic yoga postures are linked together to create a gentle flowing sequence.  This class is designed with the intent of releasing tension from the work week so you can slip sweetly into your weekend.  Appropriate for all levels.

Full Practice

The practice of yoga is an art and science dedicated to creating union between body, mind, and spirit.  Its objective is to assist the practitioner in using the breath and body to create balance and equanimity so as to live in peace, good health, and harmony with the greater whole.  Asana (physical postures) are one of an eight limbed path which forms the structural framework for a yoga practice.  In this class, in addition to yoga asanas you will explore the other limbs, such as pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, and chanting.  To allow time for this complete practice this class is 90 minutes.  Appropriate for a strong beginner to advanced practitioner.  

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a strong, invigorating practice with unique sequencing to build strength and endurance. Expect to work and play hard! Modifications are given for all levels, but previous yoga experience is recommended. 

Power Yoga Level 2

Intermediate to advanced power yoga class. This is also open to all levels of practitioners.

A class of moving meditation focusing on breathing, flexibility and strength to enhance your mental and physical well being. Class will incorporate challenging flows, inversions, arm balances and hands-on adjustments to put you in touch with your divine self. 

Mama & Baby Yoga

Mama Baby Yoga is appropriate for babies 2-15 months old (after they have some stability in the neck and before they walking).  In this class we will work to deepen the bond of mutual love and trust with physical contact.  For Mom we will work on re-tightening the pelvis from pregnancy and labor, relaxing the shoulders and arms which have tightened from nursing and carrying a baby.  Baby will get a nice massage from Mama to stimulating his/her muscles.  Connect and have fun with other Moms and their babies!  Please bring your own baby towel or blanket to lie your baby on.  Feel free to nurse or change a diaper anytime during class.  Check with your doctor beforehand if you had a C-section or any postpartum issue.

Yin Yoga

De-stress and re-energize! Floor-based postures are held for extended periods of time to target the deeper layers of the body such as the fascia, connective tissues, joints and bones. Learn how to use your breath in supported poses, find stillness, and release tension in your mind and body. Benefits include enhanced mood and increased flexibility. Yin yoga also boosts the nervous and immune system! This class is accessible to all levels and a perfect counterbalance for practitioners with a more vigorous practice.

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